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Bags & Tags offers an effective cleaning system for institutional and corporate markets.

Our intention is to provide a simple solution for relieving the work that goes into laundry. Our product is a laundry bag with unique tags that make it easier for catering staff to keep track of clothing and washing. We deliver a product with customized tags integrated into the system, so all you have to do is use it!


Research and Development

Our product is developed and tested to meet the quality and user-friendliness requirements for use in institutional and corporate markets.

Smart and Flexible

With a smart, flexible design and good quality threads, our product is made to simplify the laundry process. Just close the bag and wash.

Unique Tags

Every bag comes with unique tags for each room or person. The work that goes into collecting, sorting and finding the correct owner is simplified in a smart way.


Developed and Tested Design

Bags & Tags' is developed with laundry relief in mind.


  • Collect

    Collect bags with dirty laundry from related rooms and hallways. 

  • Wash

    Keep the laundry in the bags and clean them in the washing machines.

  • Return

    Each bag has a unique tag, return to the relevant owner. 


Offshore and domestic

Our product is popular with the shipping industry, but our product applies to all relevant industries and institutions. Our goal is to streamline and lower costs for laundry in all markets.

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Keep your focus on the prioritized tasks.
Keep your laundry time and costs lower.


Tested and Quality assured

Our product has been on-market for several years and has been thoroughly tested to withstand industrial abuse.

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Less time spent doing laundry

With our smart laundry-bags solution the work that goes into laundry is eased, and less time is spent doing laundry.

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Lower operating costs

With smarter laundry solutions and less man-hours washing and sorting laundry the costs is lower compared to traditional solutions.

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