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Bags & Tags is a company based out of Tønsberg and Oslo.

We offer an effective cleaning system for institutional and corporate markets. The intention behind our product is to provide simplified solutions’ for laundry services, primarily in areas with limited access to washers and dryers. As of now, our largest client group is the maritime sector – needing smart and effective solutions’ regarding laundry services on board their vessels.

During our time of operation, we have equipped a total of 20+ vessels from some of the largest shipping companies in western Norway, but also companies involved with tourism and correctional facilities. By tailoring each order to individual needs, we have established reciprocal relationships that have lead to further collaboration, as well as excellent customer satisfactory. (Read testimonials)

In the process of designing the laundry bags, our primary focus was to make quality products. In order to do so, we emphasised the importance of durability of fabrics and state of the art materials. As of now, the first order of laundry bags has been in usage for almost five years. And after being exposed to different machines and temperatures, our customers are still reporting of excellent product condition.

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