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How are the ID-tags branded?

The standard has been to brand the tags with room/cabin-numbers, but the customers can brand anything into the tags. We usually receive an excel spreadsheet with tag-numbers and engrave thereafter.

How are bags branded?

Bag-orders include tags, pre-fitted in the top left corner, beside the standard locking mechanism.

What is the lifetime for the laundry bags?

Bags & Tags’ laundry bags are industrial quality and manufactured with double stitching to ensure durability. The first bags have been on market for five years and we have not received any complaints. The bags can withstand high temperatures and high washing frequency without issues.

What does it cost?

It is a possibility to order separate ID-tags and laundry bags. Therefore we have calculated three prices:

– Laundry bags with engraved ID-tags: 140 NOK per unit.
– Laundry bags without ID-tags: 98 NOK per unit.
– Engraved ID-tags: 42 NOK per unit.

Prices are excluded VAT and freight charges.

What shape does the ID-tag have?

ID-tags have usually been round, but in some cases they have been delivered in an oval shape. This can be custom made to accommodate the customers’ requirements.

What is the delivery time?

The delivery time depends upon the volume, but 3-4 weeks is normal since the ID-tags have to be manufactured and fitted individually for each bag.

Freight info

Delivery is free within Vestfold. For delivery to other areas we will use Bring Norway’s services.

Do you sell bags separate?

Bags & Tags can deliver both unbranded laundry bags and engraved tags separate. Price is calculated from quantity and delivery time. Contact us if you are interested.


Do you have other questions?

Please do not hesitate contacting us by phone or email, we are delighted to answer you inquires!

(+47) 481 20 139