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We Help your Laundry Run Smoothly

Information about our laundry bag product.

Below is information about our product and a “step by step” instruction of user-case scenario.

Technical information and price

Material: Polyester
Size: 36 x 24″ (90 x 60 cm)
Max. temp: 180 degrees celcius.
Closing mechanism: String Lock Closure.
Quality: Industrial grade with double stitching to ensure durability.

– Laundry bag with custom engraved ID-tag: 140 NOK per unit

– Laundry bag without engraved ID-tag: 98 NOK per unit

– Engraved ID-tag: 42 NOK per unit

Prices are excluded VAT and freight charges.

(+47) 481 20 139

(+47) 902 85 800

  • Areas of use

    Our bags are used in a variety of cases

    Our product is used as a personal bag for collecting dirty laundry onboard large vessels and other institutional buildings. Generally places where there are many people with access to the same washing machines, or catering assistants who collect laundry and complete the washing process.

  • Washing

    Washing and drying laundry in the bags

    When the laundry bag is filled with clothes, it is closed using the latch and then placed in the washer. For best results it is advisable not to fill the laundry bag completely. Somewhere between 1/2 and 2/3 is recommended. Because of the construction of the bag, laundry can be washed without being taken out of the bag. The same applies for drying in the dryer.

  • ID Tags

    Our bags use ID Tags to identify owners

    When clothing/laundry is washed and dryed, they are returned to the owner as indicated on the ID tag, located in the top left corner on the bag. ID tag is also a great solution for those who use the laundry bags personally, as there often are many who use washing machines simultaneously and interchangeably.

  • Efficiency

    Laundry goes through a closed system

    Using this product, personal dirty laundry goes through a closed system where the risk of losing belongings, damaging the contents or laundry returning to the wrong recipient is significantly reduced. This contributes to make the laundry process run smoothly and efficiently.


The leading source of laundry bags.

Research and Development

Our product is developed and tested to meet the quality and user-friendliness requirements for use in institutional and corporate markets.

Smart and Flexible

With a smart flexible design and good quality threads, our product is made to simplify the laundry process. Just close the bag and wash.

Unique Tags

Every bag comes with unique tags for each room or person. The work that goes into collecting, sorting and finding the correct owner is simplified in a smart way.


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